Beating the summer heat

Berlin, like much of Europe, has been seeing record high temperatures this summer, with midday temps getting as high as 38C (100.4F).

While that may seem normal for my friends back in the southern United States, it is extremely hot for northern Europe. The highs for July and August usually average around 23 to 26C (which is the mid to high 80s F). Also keep in mind that most buildings here are not air conditioned.

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Ground dog day, part 1

You know what they say about the best laid plans

Spoiler alert: This saga has a happy ending. I am writing this sitting in our apartment in Berlin, both dogs safely snoozing on the floor next to me.

When we first knew we were moving to Berlin, we prioritized making a transit plan for our two dogs – Abe, a Brittany/Blue Heeler mix and Pinky, part Rat Terrier/part anxiety in motion.

On our only other international move, we flew three cats to Seoul – one in the cabin with us and two in the hold as excess baggage. Our experience then convinced us that this would be way too stressful for the pups. Many airlines no longer accept animals as baggage on international flights, anyway. So, despite the additional cost, we budgeted to hire an animal transport company to book them on a live animal cargo flight.

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