Deutschland ticket drama

All through this past fall and winter I must have read at least 20 different articles promising to tell me “everything” I needed to know about the 49-Euro Deutschland Ticket, the successor to last year’s very popular 9-Euro ticket.

Here, there, and everywhere

Living car-free in Berlin One of the main benefits of our move has been the ability to give up our cars and walk, bike, or take transit everywhere we need to go. My kids can easily get to school and extracurricular activities by themselves. (Thank you, Sch├╝lerticket!) Our main grocery store is a five-minute walk,…

Photo Friday: UBahn station at Heidelberger Platz

The appearance and design of of Berlin’s UBahn stations varies widely from place to place reflecting their past as components of different trains sytems and their time in service to divided city.

We all get to Berlin

It didn’t hit us until we saw the lines in the terminal. We picked the absolute worst time to move to Europe.